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Dog's Unfazed Reaction to Being Caught on Top of the Kitchen Table Is Going Viral

Do you ever wonder what your pets get up to when they are home alone? This couple found out what their Golden Doodle, Millie, was doing after they installed a Ring camera in their home and got an immediate return on their investment with some funny footage of Millie's shenanigans.

Upon opening the Ring camera app, Millie's parents were shocked to see her standing on on their kitchen table! Her mom shouted at her through the Ring app to get off the table, but Millie didn't seem too concerned about the situation. See how she handles getting caught and what she does when she gets off the table in the video posted by @karburrows!

Millie does not have a care in the world! It was too funny how after she was shooed off the table, Millie decided to try standing on the counter. Unfortunately for Millie, her mom put a stop to that immediately.

Millie was probably very confused to hear her mom talking to her but not be able to see her. In the comment section, @helloimthepa said, "Millie thought she was losing her mind," and @kelsozell imagined Millie was thinking, "I don’t recognize your authority, tiny robot box. I will not be getting down." LOL!

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Millie figured if she can't see you, then she don't have to listen to you. Solid logic, Millie!

Since this video was posted, Millie's parents uploaded several more videos of her sleeping on the table. Clearly, she hasn't learned her lesson, but we doubt her parents can stay mad at her adorable face. In Millie's most recent sleeping-on-the-table video, just look at how relaxed she is!

We think Millie's parents should just hand over ownership of the table and make it Millie's permanent hang out spot from now on.

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