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Dog Finds Baby's Pacifier on Walk and His Reaction Is Going Viral

Dogs always find the craziest stuff on walks. If you're a dog owner, you're probably familiar with the endless sticks they pick up, or scraps of food they always find. Dogs will literally pick up anything they can get their mouth on no matter how disgusting.  

TikTok user @good.boy.ollie found something very unusual during his walk one day. A baby's pacifier! Ok, ok, a little gross right? That didn't matter to this Chocolate Lab. But instead of letting him keep that pacifier, his owner decided to surprise him with one of his own and let's just say it's melting our hearts! 

O.M.G. Stop it! This is beyond adorable we can't even handle it. Well, we were a little disgusted at first that Ollie picked up a random pacifier. Ha! But his owner is too good and got him his own. And we absolutely lost it when he didn't want to give it back! SO cute!

"Omg he is like a proper baby protect him at all costs," wrote @crabbypattyfucksyou. YES! All the bestest babies use pacifiers so that means Ollie is up there too! And just like any baby needs a babysitter, we'll gladly watch Ollie whenever this dog momma needs it. LOL! 

@hknowlesmain said, "I'm sorry but imagine if someone saw you buying it and went 'Congrats' and you're just like, 'Oh no, it's for my dog.;" HA! Honestly, with how many dog parents there are these days, we bet this wouldn't faze people at all. @warobi606 commented, "I think we can all agree that every time we see an Ollie TikTok we smile." 100%! Ollie can seriously make anyone smile. We all love him so much! 


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