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Dog's Pitiful Reaction to Realizing Dad Is Going on a Trip Has People in Their Feelings

We wish our pets could understand that they can't always come with us. Whether it's for a work trip or just a simple vacation, oftentimes, it's just easier to have a friend watch our pets. And trust us, if they could come, we'd bring them in a heartbeat! We'd even make them miniature so they could be in our pockets permanently. But unfortunately, that's not realistic for all situations. Try telling that to TikTok user @velljko's dog. 

He posted a clip of his Pit Bull doing everything he can to either make sure he doesn't leave on his trip or that he can come along. The caption reads, "He makes it so hard to leave." The dog even packed what he needed for the trip. Aww! The pup also took things a step further, which you'll see in the video. 

TikTok users have a very easy solution for you @velljko, just don't leave him! People are flooding the comments offering suggestions to bring him or stay behind. 

"By law, you have to take him. Sorry, I don’t make the rules," said @RachelPotato. She's telling the truth. It should be a law. "TAKE HIM OR YOU CANT GO," added @Dorothy Zbornak. We're not saying that as an ultimatum, but because we want to take him if dad doesn't.

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@Just Tammy brought up an excellent solution to bring the dog along. She said, "Time to find hotels that allow doggies." See, it's that easy! Or as @velljko responded, "AirBnb life!!" It's so much easier to bring them than having to break their hearts when you leave, right? Of course, we're sort of kidding. But if only we could just take our pups with us everywhere, life would be so much simpler.

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