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Video of Dog Staring at the Pantry Hoping for Treats Makes Us LOL

Dogs will do just about anything for treats. They might do a million tricks before they can nibble on goodness. Or maybe your dog is more of the begging type until you finally give in and hand them over a treat. Whatever they do, it still makes us laugh. 

TikTok doggo @oatmeal_the_sheepadoodle does one of the best versions of begging for a treat that we've seen in a long time. This Sheepadoodle's acting performance is truly unmatched. We'd give in and hand him a treat within seconds! Watch this and tell us you wouldn't do the same. 

LOL! How could Oatmeal's owner not give him a treat after seeing him like this?! He's so cute and clearly so very hungry. "Oh please give him an extra treat," wrote @Hydee_Renee. Actually, make that a few treats from all of us! It's the least the owner can do for this very good boy. 

"And the academy award goes to," said @gigi19645. HA! Oatmeal really put on a performance to make his owners believe he was dying from starvation. He needed a treat to bring him back to life! "Omg...the desperate paw tap," commented @user5401626445388. The sad eyes, the paw tap, the look back. It was all perfect!  

@reycont added, "Poor hungry boy. You can tell he hasn't eaten in forever!" He truly embraced his backstory to make his performance even more believable. LOL! added, "Obviously starving you mean and cruel family!!!" Oatmeal, you can come live with us and we'll give you all the treats you could want!


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