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Rescue Dog's Reaction to Mom Leaving Her Breakfast Unattended Is Just the Best

As much as you'd like to trust your dog, when it comes to food they can be slightly shady. We mean it in the nicest way! It's just that dogs can be impulsive. And if there's a full plate of food in front of them, there's no telling what lengths they'd go to to have a bite. One woman online wanted to test her American Staffordshire Terrier by leaving some of her food out, and the results are just as you would expect. 

Kelsey Darragh (@kelseydarragh) loves her rescue boy, Hippo. She even recently had his DNA tested and learned that he was 100 percent American Staffordshire Terrier. Recently, she wanted to put their relationship to the test. "Seeing how long my new dog Hippo will wait before eating my peanut butter toast when I'm not looking," the onscreen caption reads. The footage shows the dog mom as she leaves the table. And we know we're all holding our breath waiting to see what Hippo would do. 

We think Hippo waited .01 seconds before digging in. "We are obviously still in the training phase," his mama joked in the caption.

The adorable video has been watched a whopping 481,000 times. "0 seconds. He waited zero seconds. His 'lil face and the way he looks at you tho!" @kimie081 wrote in the comments section. "He at least waited for you to get up from the table. This post made me laugh! So adorable!!" @lrod04569 wrote, cracking up. "In his defense, 'wait' does sound a lot like 'you’re a good boy and you deserve this treat! I’ll give you some privacy,'" @darausername kidded. 

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*Sigh* we guess Hippo isn't quite ready to be left alone yet. But who could really blame him for wanting to eat right-quick?

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