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Video of Dog Performing Physical Therapy Is Melting Hearts

Ralph, a Golden Retriever with three legs, has been going to physical therapy. Wait a second. A dog going to physical therapy? We never heard of that before. But thanks to TikTok user @thetripawdtwins we learned that it is very much a thing.

So back to Ralph. In this clip, Ralph was working on balancing with a ball. He has his two front paws up on the ball and his one back leg is still on the ground. You’ll be so proud of how well he does!

Aww, this is so precious! Ralph did an absolutely amazing job. As it turns out, he does physical therapy to help keep him strong and to prevent any injuries in the remaining legs. Smart! “Good boy! He did so good,” commented @michelle_175. You can say that again!

“I didn’t know that puppy physical therapist was a career choice???” said @loveotterly. Uhh, neither did we! And now we’re seriously reconsidering some of our life choices. LOL! @user17373822992 added, “The perfect job doesn’t ex-.” Our thoughts exactly! We originally thought there was no perfect job, but this is definitely it!

@printedpi suggested, “Human physios definitely need to consider the ‘treats’ method.” HA! Honestly, that’s not a bad idea at all. Nothing wrong with a little food motivation to keep patients going. Too bad no one in human physical therapy will ever be as cute as Ralph. Keep up the great work!

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