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Dog's Funny Way of Telling Mom He Wants to Play in the Sprinkler Is Simply the Best

There are tons of fun ways to help your pup keep cool in the summertime, but sometimes they don't need any help at all. Well--maybe just to turn the sprinkler on! 

Bud the German Shepherd knew exactly what he wanted to do that afternoon, and he let his mom know without any hesitation. Honestly, the message couldn't have been any clearer! Just wait until you see how he asked his mom to set up the sprinkler so he could cool off.

OMG, Bud, you're too funny! We love how he carried over the sprinkler like "Hello? Can I get a little help here?" and then Mom knew exactly what to do! Clearly, this is not the first time this has happened. 

"He literally pranced down the ramp❤️," @taskrzypczak gushed. Wasn't that just the cutest? There's no denying how happy this pup is, and we think that's why his excitement is so infectious. 

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Plus, just like @t0edirt points out, he's such a "Smarty pants!!! 😍" that it's impossible not to fall for him. We are still LOLing over @mollyyymo's comment,  but it's just so true! "He put it right by the water hose- like shawttyyyy you know what to do from here lol 😅," she wrote. LMAO!

"…Well now I need to see him playing in the sprinkler," wrote @kneelasavage. "Go ahead, I’ll wait." No, you won't! It didn't take long at all for Bud's mama to give us a pupdate, and it's just as precious as we thought it would be. 

We just want to smoosh that cute, wet face! That looks like the best summertime fun, and he's the cutest playmate--there's really no way to go wrong here. Bud's mama is one lucky lady! 

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