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Dog's Gentle Play Session With a Tiny Lorikeet Is So Cute We Can't Stand It

Awwww, we can't get over a video of a Labradoodle puppy and a Lorikeet playing alone for the first time. The pair have been "siblings" for some time now, but it was only recently that their owners thought they were ready to be together one-on-one. And the result is nothing short of incredible

Honey, the Lorikeet, and Olive, the Doodle first became animal-siblings back in May when their owner @aeveryan first brought Olive home. Since then, the mom has been carefully introducing her two pets to each other. But recently they were allowed to hang out without their mom. The footage shows the two having some playtime on the couch and it's so darn cute. It's obvious they're having a great time!

"First time I let them free together," @aeveryan wrote in the video's caption. 

People in the comments section were impressed by how gentle Olive was with Honey. "Your dog has such good body language like 'I’m not a threat I just wanna play' adorable," @ainslie_adams wrote. "So sweet, pup's like 'I wanna play with you.' Birdy's like 'ok, just don't eat me by accident,'" @incapil joked. "I can’t even explain the intense smile on my face the entire time. That’s just awesome," @cleser77 added. "This is adorable. The doggie is so gentle … friends forever I think," @user78454820118302 commented.

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Of course, there were a few people who were concerned that something bad could happen. "My dog would have the tail feathers poking out of his mouth," @therealbigmama9 joked. "Not a good idea. I had that exact combo, bird got dog a little too excited. I no longer have the bird," @vaperz1967 chimed in. "I wouldn't even risk that," @traceyaxoxoxo admitted. 

Thankfully, nothing bad happened. And it's safe to say that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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