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Video of Dog Learning to 'Play Fetch With Herself' Has Everyone Obsessed

Sometimes, a new pet gadget comes along that changes everything. It might be a treat-dispensing video camera for when you're away, or even just a scoot-proof silicone food bowl for enthusiastic eaters. For this precious Labrador Retriever, though, it's her automatic ball tossing machine. 

In a joy-filed clip that's been viewed over 4 million times on the @thefarmersdog TikTok account, the athletic pup shows viewers just how excited she gets to play fetch. If you think she looks happy while she waits for the ball to go flying, just wait until you see her take off after it!

What a precious girl! Based on this video, we're guessing that the ball tossing machine is the best thing they've ever bought for their pup. It certainly seems like she thinks so! Honestly, though, all of her TikTok fans agree, too.

"This is my favorite thing that I’ve seen today," commented @dvdfstr15. Us, too! Her excitement could put a smile on any face, and her graceful yet playful fetching process is just so fun to watch. She totally knows how to work the machine for herself, too!

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Now if only she could get it to work faster. We're totally on the same page a @youngtjayy who said, "i don’t like how long she has to wait!!!" Right?! Then again, it's probably an important safety feature so more dogs don't end up like @cbr80490's. 

"Mine stood in front of it and tried to catch it right away and just ended up getting repeatedly blasted in the face," they wrote. LOL! We just hope they found another way to play fetch.

Not this Lab girl though! She's got the routine down, and she's ready for the next round. Just like @lunaginn, we adore "the lifted paw when [she's] getting ready 😭💕." It's just as precious as her "see-saw jumping & helicopter tail," which were a favorite of @biabella00's. Our favorite was her little tippy taps! 

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