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Dog Who Plays Guitar With Her Tail Needs Her Own Record Deal

The Internet has found the next biggest rock star, and we're obsessed! No, this isn't your typical celebrity, but she is by far the cutest rock star you'll ever see. She has some raw talent that you don't see too often anymore. It clearly flows right out of her! But let's hope the fame doesn't go to her head.

TikTok user @ivangonick shared a beautiful video that showcases an original work of music from his dog that's a masterpiece. The dog has quickly gained star power with over 2.5 million views and 548.1K likes, all because of her ability to play the guitar with her tail. She's going to need a rock star name soon! This dog is also one for the people. She's taking song requests, the owner said. "Anyway, here's 'Wonderwall.'" 

Spotify needs to add this to the "New Music Friday" playlist! Actually, let's get this up on all streaming services and quickly. People are demanding to know what's next for this pup. "When’s this going on SoundCloud?" asked @Baking Thursdays. @Sam Erix added, "When does she go on tour?" Looks like the dog's owner is about to become a manager. People are ready to book her for parties! 

The way she plays guitar is just so elegant. Again, it's just natural talent! @Jess said, "Beautiful, so effortless thank you." A big thank you for blessing our ears with the most adorable musician! "Honestly sounds better than DJ Khaled playing the guitar 😂," joked @Expired Film Club. She is a whole lot better that most musicians.

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Even Hyundai, the car company, wants in on the action. "Love this song," the official TikTok account said. The creator, or should we say manager, responded with "She's free to colab!" We can just imagine a new car commercial with her music now. That's an immediate sales boost for the company.

There is plenty in store for this newly famous pup. Next stop: the Grammys! 

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