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Great Pyrenees' Hilarious Game of Hide and Seek Is Going Viral

Everyone knows how to play the classic game of hide and seek, but has anyone ever tried teaching a dog to play? It can't be easy, right? TikTok user @meowyjane00 posted a video playing the game with a Great Pyrenees named Silo that has racked up over 5.4 million views in the last four days. The video creator is actually Silo's aunt, but it looks like she takes care of him quite a bit. The caption on the clip reads, "I lost the game of hide and seek..." Maybe she taught Silo a little too well? 

You can faintly hear Silo's paws for a few steps before pausing to check a different room. A few seconds go by, and you're unsure how close he is. Then, just wait until his excited white, lion-like face pops into the doorway as his aunt films. You'll love what he does.

Ha! Silo was confident in this spot as he jumps into view with a little ruff claiming, "Gotcha!" It's hard not to laugh at his pounce in the doorway. His fluffy body looks as if it were falling from the ceiling. Silo's unexpected entrance is even startling people! One TikTok user, @Daysi laughs, "Why did I jump!!! 😳 I wasn’t expecting that 😂😂😂😂." I hate to admit it, but I also jumped back in my seat!  

And @katrinaparker172 said what we are all thinking, "I can watch this again and again and it never stops being funny 🤣" Let's just hope this isn't the last of Silo's adventures and games that his aunt decides to share with the world. We might have all lost at hide and seek with Silo, but we all want to keep playing, so fingers crossed she keep the videos coming!