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Dog Getting Tricked Into a Game of Hide-n-Seek Is Absolutely Priceless

You’ve probably seen online before the different trends you can do with your pets. Some of those may include moving their paws to a specific song, holding up a blanket to cover yourself, and then running away when you let it go. We’re not embarrassed to say we’ve tried our fair share of trends. But none of them made us want to do it more than this hide-n-seek trend we saw from TikTok user @patriciakinasewich.

The first video she posted of playing hide-n-seek with her dog named Maybel has brought in over 4.7 million views and 267.5K likes. To start the game, she throws a toy for her Black Lab to chase. As soon as the dog runs after it, she runs to her hiding spot. In this particular game, her hiding spot was a little too hard for Maybel to find. We certainly don't mind though because it made us giggle! 

LOL! Poor Maybel was looking everywhere for her! It seemed like she was looking out the window too as if her mom could have opened it, gone out, and closed it all within seconds. We know that’s impossible, but Maybel doesn’t! 

The other dog laying on the ground was not impressed by the game. @harrythehilarious said, “The other dog is like..... ‘This is why I don’t play with her,’ 😂.” Ha! He’s learned the hard way that she doesn’t play fair.

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Maybel definitely did not like that hiding spot her mom picked. @Lavender wrote, "The stare kills me. 'Seriously? That's where you hid?'" LOL! Maybe she didn't like it because she feels a little silly that it took her so long or that she didn't even think to look on the couch. At least Maybel's seeking skills can only get better from here on out! Hopefully! 

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