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Chow Chow Poking His Little Head Through Apartment Door Is Too Cute for Words

Cuteness alert! There's almost nothing cuter than a Chow Chow puppy, but what about a Chow Chow puppy that's poking his head out through a door within a door to greet passersby? 

Check out this adorable little baby posted by TikTok user @Mybestfriendokke. This adorable video is going viral with over 700,000 views and we can see why! 

Can you imagine walking down the street and seeing this? How darling!  10/10 would pet. Would also offer to walk this baby. @Pattyflores_ comments, "I would stop to pet this cute baby." We think most people would have a hard time NOT petting this little floof. @lindamonk575 comments, "I wanna kiss that little face!" well, us too, but please, always ask permission before kissing random puppies, no matter how cute, LOL. 

@cottonrazorblade says, "Oh! Please be in New York!" But sad news for all of you hoping to get a pet in with little door peeper Okke, he lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hmmm, maybe a trip to Denmark on your Christmas list is in order! 

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