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Couple's 'JCPenney' Photoshoot with Their Dog Is Everything

If you are a person of a certain age (cough) then you remember portrait studios. Department stores like Sears or JC Penny or even K-Mart had portrait studios where your entire family would get together, usually around holidays, to have this momentous occasion documented. Usually with a super cheesy background and ridiculous poses and matching outfits. See Awkward Family Photos

What goes around comes around, and suddenly this trend is hot again and the cheesier the poses, the better. Bonus points if you include your cat or dog, which is what TikTok account @Jaimshort did in the following hilarious video. 

Okay this cute couple and their adorable dog now have holiday cards totally nailed. @Blueclover comments, "Aimed for cheesy, ended up getting genuinely the cutest family pics ever omg." They are simply adorable! @Sweetbee said "I love that this is an ironic trend but it genuinely generates business for those photographers!!" @Addison Lou Elle adds, "The way your dog just knows his/her angles and is always looking at the camera!"

If you are interested in doing this yourself, which you totally should! You can find your own portrait studio here. Now go find some matching outfits for you and your dog! 

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