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Dog Who's Been at Portugal Rescue for Over 1400 Days Deserves a Happy Ending

TikTok user @sannejjj is truly an angel on earth because of how many animals she visits in shelters all around the world. She shares different animals on her page with the hopes that it reaches the right audience and that the animal's future family is watching. So sweet! 

In one of her more recent clips, she visited a shelter in Portugal and more specifically, Arlo. Sweet, sweet Arlo has been at the shelter for over 1,460 days. Ugh! You'll be warned, your heart will break once you see Arlo. 

Stop it, our hearts can't take this sadness. Arlo is an 8-year-old who loves to play, but also is very calm. He's spent half his life in this shelter. Ugh, and here come more tears. 

"Look at that face!!!!!" said @disizmecleotee. He's such a beautiful boy! Who wouldn't want to bring this sweet fur baby home!? "Hope Arlo gets adopted soon beautiful dog," added @francisnana978. We think it's safe to say that the whole world wants to get Arlo adopted. 1,460 days is plenty enough. He needs a loving home that will give him their undivided attention, snuggles and endless treats.

@kikalarue commented, "Okay, TikTok, let’s find his person!" YES! Social media magic has worked plenty of times before so it can work here too. If you're interested in rescuing Arlo, please visit the Animal Rescue Algarve website for more information. Let's bring this good boy home! 


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