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Dog's Reaction to His Makeshift Hurricane 'Bathroom' Is Downright Priceless

As Hurricane Ian touches down on the Southeastern coast, people everywhere are trying to prepare their homes and loved ones. That includes one woman in Florida, who had to change things up with her dog's bathroom situation — but he did not appreciate it one bit. 

Apparently the pup more than one reason to be hating the impending storm. As a video on his owner, Alexandria Atal's (@alexandriaatal), page shows. 

"Trying to introduce my dog to his new bathroom for the next few days....he is not buying it," she wrote in the video's caption. The look on her dog's face is too perfect. Yeah, we think the pee pad is not going to do. 

With over 360,000 views, people in the comments section could feel the pup's pain. "Maybe you chose the wrong part of the yard," @natausha wrote, before adding the crying-laughing emoji. "The tree is giving it a more 'outside' feel I think," @kianaahughes teased. "He said you must be confused," @michaelohlman joked. "Same. My dog's pretty determined just to hold it for 48 hours," @rbg1973rw shared.

Obviously having your dog refuse to go to the bathroom is not ideal. Although we're not sure if the mom is happy with the solution her pup found. "Right after this video, he turned around and peed on a potted plant while making eye contact with me," she wrote in the thread. Um, At least he went?

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