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Dog Who Refuses to Eat Without Saying the Blessing Is Totally Heaven-Sent

We all have our rituals. But it's always funny to see how much our pets are really paying attention to what we do. Like one Yellow Lab on TikTok, who had people swooning in the comments for a video where he refused to eat his dinner until after he'd said his prayers. 

We guess Luka must've known the rules about mealtimes because he didn't budge an inch until after his prayers were said. According to a video later shared on his page @lukafleet, the pup was so patient while he waited. "Won't eat until we say 'amen,'" the video's onscreen caption reads. Even after his owner asks Luka if he wants some food, the dog knows the rules. 

"Taught Luka to pray before he eats," the pup's owner wrote in the caption. 

Understandably, so many people were impressed by the video. It's since been watched almost 500,000 times. "I loved how he was reaching for your hand to pray," @keelykluesner1 wrote in the comments section. "Don’t tell my pup, but this good boy is definitely my favorite doggo at this moment. We love a God-fearing pup," @raegynparrish added. "That’s one of the most sweetest things I’ve ever seen!" @kimhinkle1215 chimed in. "Awww, such a good boy," @lynnwmoore agreed. 

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Luka's parents have him so well trained that he even knows to take a bath when he comes to the door muddy. Check it out in a separate video on his page. "When your dog gets muddy so often he knows the drill," the text overlay reads. 

Now that's a good boy!

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