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Dog Refuses to Eat Unless Someone Prays With Her First in Precious Video

Sometimes, dogs know their manners better than people! Bristol the bulldog is a perfect example of this as she shows off her dinnertime etiquette in @blueeye_badass's recent TikTok video. This sweet girl waits to eat dinner until someone prays with her!

And yes, it's even cuter than it sounds. Not only does Bristol pray with her mama--she initiates it! The bulldog offers a paw for Mom to hold as they say thanks for her kibble dinner, and it's just the sweetest thing. She even knows that "Amen" means it's time to eat!

Honestly, this dog has better manners than most people! It's definitely a result of time, training, and treats from her mama, but it's positively adorable nonetheless. Just look at the comments!

"This has to be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a very long time! ❤️🙏," wrote @glittergal72. We can't help but agree! Little tricks and gestures like this show a dog's personality so well, and Bristol is just an angel.

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Her mama certainly thinks so, too. "She's def a blessing," she replied. 

We can't get enough of Miss Bristol's expressive face, too. Bulldog breeds are just so entertaining, and their faces are part of the reason why! We think @wendycazz's comment sums up everything about the pup and the video as a whole so perfectly: "BEAUTIFUL!!!🥰." What else is there left to say, really?

Thankfully, commenter @fabiansilva736 also caught a detail  in the video that was bugging us immensely. "What’s that water sound?" he asked.  

"She drinks from a water fountain…" Bristol's mama responded. "She absolutely spoiled🥰." She really is! Honestly, though, what dog wouldn't want access to flowing water? A personal watering fountain sounds nice even to us! Needless to say, this pup is in capable, loving hands--both her mama's and God's! 

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