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Video of Little Dog Praying for Grandma to Get Better Soon Is Just Precious

If you happened to catch the recent TikTok video that showed a dog waiting to eat until the blessing is said before a meal with his dad, then you know how sweet it is when pups learn how to pray with their owners. And in a new video that was shared by @hermajestyqueenjojo, another precious pup says a special prayer, and this time, it's for her grandma.

The text on the video reads, "Grandma is not feeling very well, so JoJo tried her best to say a prayer for her." The clip is just way too sweet and innocent not to share, and it's impossible not to fall in love with this wonderful little dog.

Aww! While she might not know exactly what she's praying for, you can tell that she understands that whatever is happening is important. People are loving this sweet girl's praying skills, though one commenter, @Liz, pointed out what she thinks is really going on here, saying, "Oh, sweet JoJo heard TREATment and was wondering why grandma was getting treats!! 😅😂." JoJo's mom replied with, HAHAHHAHA, that totally makes sense 😂."

@Lee Pree Vega loved JoJo's cute little stance and said, "When you started at dear Lord, and then the head, bow I lost it 😭." And plenty of people chimed in to send their own prayers and well wishes to grandma, in the hopes that she'll be feeling better very soon. 

When a TikTok user named @Ginger asked how grandma was doing, JoJo's mom let everyone know, "She's feeling better! Still waiting to see if the treatment was a success. Thanks so much for asking 🥰."

We're so glad to hear that she seems to be improving, and she should definitely take comfort in the fact that she has one very special little pup in her life who loves her grandma very much!