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Dog 'Steals' Mom's Pregnancy Pillow and People Can't Get Enough

You know you spoil your pets too much when they start thinking everything you bring home is for them. That's not the end of the world! It just means we need to keep treating them like royalty, otherwise they might get upset and we don't want to see that. LOL! Plus, how else are you going to tell them no? We definitely don't have the heart to do that!

As for this Mini Doodle owner, she might need to lay down the law because her dog is claiming everything as his. She brought home a pregnancy pillow to use while she sleeps. But her TikTok famous doggo @minidoodlebentley decided, like most things, that pillow was for him. Watch all the different times this owner caught Bentley snuggling in the pillow. We seriously can't stop laughing! 

LOL! She can't even kick him out of the pregnancy pillow because he's just way too cute in it! At least we wouldn't be able to, especially since he clearly made himself right at home. And omg, the look he gives her in the videos is priceless. It's as if he's asking, 'What? This isn't for me?' 

"🤣🤣🤣 Looks like he definitely claimed it," said @phillychinchilly. That didn't take long at all! Good luck to this momma trying to get it back. LOL! @taylorkeith60 added, "He has MOVED in." And with how annoying it is to move, he's definitely not leaving anytime soon. Ha! "He looks VERY comfy. You've definitely lost it 😂😂😂," wrote @Kay Bryan. That's absolutely his bed now. Sorry to break the news! 

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Or maybe he's just making sure she knows who will always be the child in the family. Just as @Maggie3290 wrote, "He is the baby." LOL! We have a feeling he won't let them forget that! The only solution to this is what @lkopp7 suggested, "I think you need to buy another one." See? It's that's simple!

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