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Dog's Adorable Yet Subtle Way of Revealing Mom's Pregnancy Even Fooled Grandma

Dogs make the best older siblings. They are protective of their siblings, and they know how to be very gentle when playing with their younger siblings. When one dog was going to become an older sister, she was so excited that she was tasked with announcing the big reveal to her grandparents.

TikTok user @natashaa.jadee recently shared a video of her Bernese Mountain Dog, Mila, greeting her grandparents. In the video, Mila runs over to say hello and give kisses while receiving many pets in return. During this interaction, Mila is wearing a bandana that says "Big Sis" on it. Check out the video to see how Mila did with the announcement and the reaction from her grandparents.

OMG, this is adorable. Mila was very excited to see her grandparents and share the news, but they were so excited to see Mila, they didn't even notice the announcement at first! Once Grandma realized what the bandana meant, she and Mila's mom shared a hug.

People in the comments love this announcement. One user, @erinnkohnn, said this is a good indication of what is to come: "The way they love their doggy grandkid shows there’s no doubt they’ll be the best grandparents." Another user, @rottenweilermom thought that Mila might have been a bit too enthusiastic about the announcement. They commented, "The dog wouldn’t stay still at first for them to read it!"

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We loved this pregnancy announcement method. It was very sweet to see Mila's grandparents transition from being excited to see their grandpup to being excited about the pregnancy! We just know Mila will be the best big sister when her baby sister arrives.

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