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Dog Feels Pregnant Mom's Baby Kick for the First Time and His Reaction Is the Sweetest

Adjusting to new members of the family is always a challenge, and it can be even more challenging and nerve-racking when introducing a baby to a pet. One mama is easing into it by introducing them before the baby is born bye having her pup feel the baby through her belly, and it lead to an adorable video.

In the video posted on TikTok by @pibble_kisses1, we see mom's adorable pup, Kilo, laying on her pregnant belly. Halfway through the video, you can see movement on mom's belly when the baby kicks, and Kilo's reaction is just so sweet and adorable!

Awww! You can see his tail wags start to pick up speed when he feels the first kick, and the way he looks up at mom and starts to sniff her belly is so cute. He seems to realize his new best friend is in there, and Kilo can't wait to meet him!

Many people in the comments were certain this pup knew what was up. @homfre333 said, "He DEFINITELY knows. Adorable," and @titan_the_tegu commented, "Animals can definitely tell! I had a ferret that knew I was pregnant before I did. She would come and lay on my stomach." Our pets are so sweet to give us their love and support during such a challenging time.

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Others were imagining what Kilo might have been thinking. @really_azrael said, 'He's just looking at his mom like "I love this tiny human you have" and it's precious.' Several others, such as @cyanesque, suggested he might have been thinking 'My friend's in there."

We just know Kilo will be the best big brother, and he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of his new best friend!

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