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Mom's Cute Way of Prepping Dog to Travel on the Plane Is Irresistible

Flying with your pets is sure to add extra stress to an already long day. You are constantly worrying about them, ensuring they are comfortable or have access to a bathroom. So any amount of preparation you can do before the plane might be helpful. 

Maybe you can take a page from this Irish Setter owner's book. In a recent clip posted to the TikTok account @guinness_theirishsetter, this owner decided it would be best to prep Guinness for the plane. She placed his bed on the floor and chairs around it, resembling what the flight would look like it. And least she tried! 

O.M.G. Guinness instantly knew what he was getting himself into and he made it very clear that he wasn't going to sit on the floor. @rachelnorth1977 wrote what was going through this dog's mind, "How about YOU sit on the ground Mum?" We heard that loud and clear as soon as he lay down on the chairs. LOL!  

"You might need an extra ticket," said @joycedoglover. Oh, you think!? Guinness knows what he wants and honestly, he won't settle for anything other than a first-class ticket. LOL!

We do have to give this owner credit though because it's such a great idea to prep your dog for what could be a very uncomfortable flight. @beefwelliethedog suggested, "Practice driving around with him in the front passenger seat floor. Feels similar to an airplane seat." Wow, that's a brilliant idea. We'll have to jot that down for future reference. 


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