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Dog Instictively Protects Baby While Playing a Game With Mom and Our Hearts Can't Take It

Dogs are nature's babysitters. They have a natural instinct to protect the young, even when they are a different species. It is common for dogs with young children in the family to take on an older sibling role, and this Labradoodle is no exception.

In the TikTok video recently posted by @realforyoumommy, this mom said she was pretending to sneak up on her dog as a joke, and her dog instinctively stepped in front of the baby to protect her from mom's tricks! In a comment on the video, mom said, "What you don’t see on screen is me hunched over and walking slowly with my hands up." The baby delightfully giggles at her mom as the pup stands tall in front of her, and it's all so cute you need to see the video below.

OMG, our hearts are melting. Mom said in the text on the video that they never taught their dog to do this, which means she instinctively knew she should protect her baby sister. Dogs are just the sweetest.

People in the comments thought this was just the best thing on the internet. @cindy.cardinal said, "The look back to make sure baby is safe, I’m in tears. It’s too cute," and @nattie.eff commented, "Dogs are just furry earth angels—they are a gift and must be loved and cherished always." Dogs are always looking out for their little human siblings, and they are the perfect companion for a young child. 

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Others shared similar stories from their own experiences of their pups guarding the family during uncertain situations. @kerrijudith commented, "Whenever there’s a scary sound or something, my Staffy always stands in front of me and my girls. She thinks my husband is all good to take care himself." Another user, @unmatchedandloved, said, "Oh they know! It's instinct. We had a puppy, and when we were in the backyard a man came in, and she immediately put herself between him and my daughter." These protective instincts prove that dogs think of their family like a pack to protect, and it's lovely.

Despite the fact that this was his mom and a very familiar figure, this pup still sensed something off with her behavior, even if it was an act, and knew he needed to step in front of the baby just in case. So sweet!

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