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Video of Dog Protecting Her Favorite Cat From New Puppy Is Just Too Sweet

Isn't it amazing how little kids want to befriend everyone? Of course, there are some who are shy. But more often than not, there will be kids chatting up a storm with strangers at the store or with other kids on the playground. Puppies are no different. Their curious minds have them running up to anyone and anything, even a cat. 

TikTok doggo @life.of.odin, a German Shepherd puppy, wanted to play with his cat sibling. But thanks to the other dog in the family named Stella, Odin could not get a word in. But this interaction has us wondering, was Stella protecting the cat, or was she trying to warn the puppy of how the cat can be? LOL. 

OMG. Stella really didn't want Odin to say hello to the cat. She warned him with a quick bark to correct him from getting too close, and she even made sure that cat was safe! So cute! 

TikTok users are loving this video and are weighing in on what they think Stella's intent really was. @michellekilgore82 wrote, "She says, 'Leave my kitty alone! She's mine!'♥️🤣." That's one for Stella protecting the cat. LOL. @Stephanie Arnold459 added, "Nice corrective behavior lesson for the smol bebe. Don’t mess with his kitty." Seriously, Stella's way to correct Odin was perfect. He's lucky to have an older sis like that! 

Others believe Stella may have learned her lesson before by not messing with the cat, that's why she was warning Odin. @Breahna Czewski said, "O my 😳 he told him you gunna learn today!" It's true, sometimes cats can put dogs in their place! "Big dog may have been taught the lesson by that very same cat a few years ago?" wrote @leeanneroe. Ha, that was our thoughts exactly! 

No matter if Stella was protecting the cat or warning Odin, she did an awesome job. Sounds like she'll be the peacekeeper in the family!