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Brave Little Dog in Alaska Stands Up to a Moose to Protect His Dad

There are some places in the U.S. where you have to be worried about running into a bear while out on a walk with dog. But then, there's the state of Alaska. Let's just say there are even bigger animals up there to be concerned about! One guy got the shock of his life when walking out of the house with his tiny dog.

Footage of the man taking out the pup was captured on an outdoor camera and was shared on TikTok by @michaustarudzont. The clip is going viral with 11 million views and counting. At first, everything looks innocent enough. But then, all of a sudden, you see this enormous moose walking toward them, and not surprisingly, the dude totally freaks out. Pay attention to what his little dog, Reese does.

Sheesh! Reese might be pint-sized, but he has the bravery of a moose twice the size of the one they encountered! He was ready to go head-to-head with the beast to make sure it didn't get to his dad! TikTok users are so impressed with the pup's courage. @Joshua James Wescott Feltt said, "Bless the little dog, he didn’t give af how big he was, “run dad, I got this” 😂." @Cam joked, "Lucky Reese let him off with a warning." 

And @Wouldn't you like to know added, "Okay, but can we acknowledge that the tiny dog actually saved that man 😂?" Another commenter, @Christomper, summed up how we're all feeling about Reese right now: "Reese is straight GANGSTA. 😳."

This guy might want to think twice about letting Reese run around outside without a leash from here on out. He might be up for the challenge if the moose shows back up, but it certainly isn't worth the risk! Still, this man should be proud of what a loyal protector and best friend he has in Reese. Not everyone in your life is willing to take on a moose for you!