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Dog Immediately Goes Into 'Mom Mode' as Toddler Prepares to Go Down a Slide

Think of all the money you could save from hiring a nanny if you got a dog that looks after your toddler. Plus, your dog is already part of the family, so you know they will take extra precautions when watching your little baby. Don't believe us? Just check out this TikTok video from @mostlyadorable

In the recent clip, the creator's daughter is standing on top of her little play set, ready and excited to go down the slide. Except, her dog named Taco did not look so thrilled with letting her do this. The caption reads, "This toddler almost gives her doggie a heart-paw-tack 😬." Watch the video to see what Taco does to activate Mom Mode! 

Aww!! This Golden Retriever was so concerned for her little toddler. You can just see the dog's face change from happy to, 'Uh-oh, I don't like where this is going.' LOL. Taco's mom mode was activated instantly! One user said, "Dog's smile went from 😀 to 🤔." We've never seen such a concerned look on a dog before, but we love it! Such a good babysitter.

@Denise An added, "She didn’t like her standing up there… doggo says not safe." And you know how the saying goes, what the paw says, always goes! LOL. "She's the baby of the pack," commented @Zacqueline. That's why Taco was being extra cautious with her! 

Did you see the Taco run over to her as soon as she went down the slide?! She was checking and sniffing to see if anything was broken. Aww! @Jennifer Whisenhunt said, "She was trying to help her up! So precious!!" She really was trying to help the child. What would this mom do without Taco?! Or as @Jaime Muñoz wrote, "Nurse Taco!" What a perfect name!