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Dog's Plan for Owner to Throw the Frisbee While Mowing the Lawn Is Brilliant

Pets have a funny way of showing off that they don't pay any bills around the house. In fact, they don't do any chores ever. They're really out here living rent-free with no worries in the world. All they get to do is eat, sleep, play and cuddle. They really don't understand the concept that we have to work and keep the house clean, which is why they love to interfere with any house chores we have to finish. A prime example of this comes from TikTok user @moeky1985.

This doggy dad was out mowing the grass, a typical chore during the warm months, when the family's Rottweiler mix had other plans. In the dog's mind, going outside meant playtime. No chores allowed! So to delay dad from mowing the lawn, this dog decided to get the frisbee involved. And honestly, it's brilliant! 

LOL! This dog really didn't want his dad to mow the lawn so he put the frisbee in the dad's path. So smart because no one would want to risk ruining the mower by running over a frisbee! And as @NAIRDA AROMAZ demanded, "The grass can mow itself, you play frisbee with him now." Excellent point! He can mow another time! 

Can you imagine how long it would take to get any chore done if your pets did this? Tack on an extra two hours for anything! @KayRic37 said, "Honey your still mowing? 😂 Yes, the dog is helping 😂." We wouldn't say helping, but rather destracting. LOL! 

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"This is one of those what I accidentally taught my dog things," commented @octo.sand. As smart as it is, we bet the owner is regretting it now. LOL! The creator responded, "Yessss he's been doing this for several years now. Waiting on my younger dog to start doing it lol." Uh oh! They walked into that one on their own. 

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