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Dog's Epic Reaction to Woman Eating a Pizza Is All Of Us When Food Is Around

We would be great friends with this dog. Not only do we have so much in common--he's a dog and we love dogs--but we could have the most epic pizza outings. That's right, this German Shorthaired Pointer loves pizza just as much as we do! And we really love pizza.

TikTok user and dog mom @jana_montana17 posted this hilarious clip to her account, and it already has 2.4 million views. That's just how relatable her fur baby is! Whether he reminds folks of their dogs or of their own love for pizza, one thing is for sure: Pizza is life!

LMAO! Don't you just love this sweet old man's reaction? His chattering is super funny (and totally harmless!), but we sure hope he got a piece!

Commenter @shielaa305 thought the very same thing. "Give him a bite," she asked Jana. "You know i did 🥰," she replied. "He’s next to me cuz he’s knows i’m weak 😫." Ha! We have a feeling she's not the only dog mom to give in to the begging--even we're weak for the puppy eyes!

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"I tremble over pizza too 🥰," wrote @hallie_or_annie. Right? This German Shorthaired Pointer has a very appropriate reaction to watching someone eat pizza if you ask us! Honestly, we're surprised he's not drooling.

@Laurenphillips247 argues, "he doesn't want it he needs it," and we'd be lying if we didn't say we're convinced. As if the old pup's trembling face wasn't enough to melt our hearts already! We suppose he has to seal the deal to make sure he gets a bite. Smart boy!

If his new TikTok fans have anything to say about it, he'll never miss a slice of pizza again. 

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