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Chihuahua's Reaction to Carrier Getting Brought Out Is Priceless

We've all probably all seen little dogs hanging out in purses at least once before. But the process of getting dogs in there, we haven't seen until this clip from TikTok user @madisonlarocque. And now that we have seen it, we need to see it a million more times.  

Did anyone else know dogs actually enjoyed getting into their carriers!? Because we didn't know that until this video. The TikToker's Chihuahua was sitting on the bed as she was grabbing something from the closet. Her dog immediately whipped around when she realized what was happening. Her reaction is absolutely priceless!

Aww! Have you ever seen a more excited puppo!? She knew immediately know what was happening as this creator took out the bag. And then it was nonstop tail-wagging until she got in the bag. So stinkin' adorable!

"The blanket stuffing because she's so tiny! So cute!" commented @juliarollier. And that blanket is probably used to keep this little fur baby warm during the cold months. It really doesn't get any cuter than this. @aashford added, "It's so funny and sweet how excited dogs get to "go." They don't care where they're going, as long as their human. 

"This makes me want a little dog so badly," wrote @katelynashton1. Uhh, same! Not only are they beyond adorable, but you also get to bring little dogs with you pretty much everywhere. @darianleigh92_ said, "We need to see her out in it!!!!" Yessss! It's time for this creator to give the people what they want!  


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