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Dog's Precious Reaction to Realizing Mom and Dad Are Home After a Week Away Is the Best

Every day is a new adventure when you own a dog, but there will always be certain, special moments that stand out in your mind. For @tobey.shenobi's paw-rents, a reunion they had with their pup after coming home from a week away will be one of those moments. Their fur baby couldn't have been happier to see them! 

Golden Retriever/Australian Shepherd mix Tobey is one dedicated, athletic boy, but he shows it in the sweetest of ways. If we didn't know any better, we'd guess he was trying to grow wings to get to his parents even faster! 

What a happy boy! It's impossible to watch this pup's reaction without a smile on your face--no wonder his humans had to post this video! In fact, it's the very first video on Tobey's account, so he's off to a great start.

"He tried to jump up to you. 🥺🥰" wrote viewer @mullix. "Oh my god." Isn't it the sweetest? As a pet parent, one might worry their pup would be confused or even mad, but there was nothing but love coming from this adorable mixed-breed boy. He's too cute to handle!

"That little happy jump up the stairs😍" was a favorite of commenters like @celinaxbiancax... and of ours, too! Even once Tobey found the path to get to his mom and dad, he couldn't help but get a head start. 

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