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Dog's Reaction to Her Best Friend Coming to Stay for the Week Is Everything

Alexa, play "You're My Best Friend" by Queen. Everyone understands the excitement and anticipation of seeing your best friend for the first time in a while--even pets-- but one Golden Retriever is going viral for her especially heartfelt reaction. When Millie's mom told her that her buddy Bailey was coming to stay for the week, she immediately knew something was going down! 

Shoutout to Millie's owner Casey for filming this adorable debacle on the pup's TikTok account, @millie_the_golden. Millie's whole response is so pure and sweet, but just wait until you see the two finally nose-to-nose! 

What a precious, patient girl! We are so impressed with Millie's ability to be gracefully chaotic, and we just can't get enough of her happy tail wags. That's how happy a dog should be all the time! We're on board with @mel_hudson1, who commented "Our dog's happiness is everything!!" Oh, the things we would do for our pets. 

Viewers are loving the way these girls interact, proving that they really are besties. "You can tell she’s a true best friend because she ran in all on her own." wrote @candaceandwinnie. "If she had thumbs, she’d open the door and run in without even knocking. 😂" LOL--so true! 

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@Amygreen2526 was equally impressed with Millie's reaction to hearing her buddy's name. "amazing, recognize her name. the excitement," she posted. Casey responded in agreement, including, "They have known each other since they were 8 weeks old 😍." Turns out even canine friendships can last a lifetime!

Clearly, Bailey and Millie are having the times of their doggie lives together, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Neither would @sonnyjames29, who basically copied our inner monologue word-for-word, "good stuff... so simple. small gesture. the massive feeling of happiness I even get watching this...animals..YAY." Animals really are the best, whether you're interacting with them directly or observing from afar--or TikTok. It's no secret why they brighten nearly everyone's day!

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