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Dog’s Priceless Reaction to Seeing Himself in the Mirror Is Cracking People Up

We've never thought about how confusing it must be for animals to see themselves in a mirror. What do you think goes through their minds when they see something staring back at them, mimicking their every move? Awe and amazement or straight-up confusion? Or maybe their reaction is more like what we see in this TikTok video from @christinamata70

In the clip, her dog is sitting in the front seat of the car. (Side note, why is he in the front and not the person that's filming in the back?! LOL!) The driver leans over to the passenger seat visor and opens up the mirror so the pup can get a look. Any guesses on how he reacted when he saw himself in the mirror?! 

LMAO! We’re not sure what we were expecting, but we thought the dog would at least figure out it was him in the mirror. Oh, were we wrong! He kept growling at that creature staring back at him. Someone needs to tell him not to worry because we feel the same way when we look in the mirror sometimes.

And we aren’t alone. @bronze fonz wrote, “To be fair, I do the same thing every morning while brushing my teeth.” LOL! “He’s like, ‘I can’t believe y’all let me leave the house like this,’” added @Shy_Snicker420. Like what?! All we see is an adorable pup! Of course, he didn’t think so since the growls turned into barking. 

As soon as the barking started, the driver closed the mirror and flipped up the visor. @BurtNButtons said, “When you put the mirror up he looked confused like where’d he go lol 😂.” Aww! He probably wanted to get one more last word in to win out the argument. LOL!