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Dog's Reaction to Realizing the Cat Is Sitting Right Next To Her Is Just the Best

No matter how much you finesse the situation, sometimes your pets just don't get along. Just like these two pets on TikTok, who presumably don't enjoy spending time together. As their owner (@thebossyaussies) from Northern California showed in a video later shared online, their Australian Shepherd is absolutely terrified of their cat. And she was definitely not afraid to show it. 

When Raven feels something, she just can't hide it. And there certainly was no hiding her discomfort when she realized that her worst nightmare was too close for comfort. "Recording my dog's reaction when she realized the cat was sitting next to her," the text overlay reads. And yep, that is one unhappy pup.

"The teefs get me every time," the caption joked.

Okay, we're the first to admit it's pretty funny. And with over 600,000 views, we guess we weren't the only ones silently cracking up either. 

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"This is me, when someone sits next to me on public transport," @nicnak18 wrote in the comments section. "It's the awkward smile of fear and uncertainty for me," @motherofconstellations joked. "Dogs tend to grin when they are unsure about something or are trying to appease someone," @strawman_2.0 explained. "'Dear Lord Baby Jesus.' That dog’s life flashed before its eyes!" @brodhag1 teased. 

Apparently, the cat isn't the only one who scares Raven. A second video on her page shows that she has just a bit of social anxiety. "Do you want a dog that *is* scared of all your friends?" the video's text overlay reads.

Poor girl! Good thing her mama is there to comfort her through all these awkward moments.

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