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Dog's Annoyed Reaction to Baby Who Won't Stop Crying Is Every Exhausted Parent

TikTok user @dogloverr17 reposted a hilarious clip that shows us dogs really feel the same way we do when a baby doesn't stop crying. Guess their patience can wear thin, too! This reposted video has over 5.2 million views and 621.2K likes. We're thinking this clip's success is due to the fact we have all felt this way at one point in our lives. 

In the video, a German Shepherd is sitting in the back seat of the car next to a baby in a car seat. The baby is crying to a point that would make anyone's ears bleed. The poor pup's face says it all. Just look at him.

LOL! This dog's annoyed reaction is everything and so relatable. Although the dog didn't say anything, you could just tell by the face he was begging for someone to make it stop! If he stayed in the car for one more minute, he was just about to lose it!  

TikTok users are flooding the comments with hilarious ideas on what the dog was thinking. Some of our favorites include, "Lord give me strength😂💀," from @stephen.nan and "The dog: Karen, your child, please 😅," that @Sorry D. Pogi wrote. "He's like, 'I would rather go to the vet right now' 😂," added @Sweet Marie. LOL! We think that dog would rather do anything than be in that car for another second. 

"If you consider that a dog hearing is waaaay better than ours… that dog must be living a nightmare 😂," commented @Andrea. OMG. We didn't even think about that! Now we really feel bad. Does anyone else get the feeling that's the last time he'll get in the car? LOL!