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Dog’s Reaction to Hearing His Favorite Song on the Radio Is Totally Classic

We all get excited when we hear our favorite song on the radio. Although admittedly it's not as cute as when one dog online hears his favorite tune. The unnamed Red Merle Australian Shepherd was so excited when he heard it that he just had to sing along. We could practically hear him howling, "turn it up!"

The Aussie was having a totally normal day out with his owner Janette Dinieri (@ranchygreeks) when she put on his absolute favorite jam —"Trumpets" by Jason Derulo. Almost the second that Janette put the song on, her pooch went from uninterested by the music playing on the radio to howling at the top of his little lungs. "When your dogs favorite song comes on…" Dinieri wrote in the video's caption. If you ask us, the pup is hitting all the right notes, but you'll need to watch the video for yourself to see him really belt it.

The comments section was so impressed by the dog's singing. "The head tilttt. Really said 'oh this my song?'" @sequoia_ivyrain joked. "YESSS OMGGG HE LITERALLY WAS SO ON POINT," @kay_star2 exclaimed. "Why was the 'oh oh oh' part so perfectly executed," @hailleybabes21 agreed. "You accidentally bought a husky," @heatheranklam joked. 

If you're hankering for more puppy songs, Dinieri shared a second video of her dog singing. And this time she included her two Dachshunds as backup singers. "Back by popular demand, Red Dog! Featuring wiener backups," she wrote. 

Too cute! We guess you could say that this is one talented family. They're totally giving us Hanson vibes. Encore, encore!