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Dog's Emotional Reaction to Realizing He's Going to Grandma's Is Quickly Going Viral

There’s no better feeling than visiting family. And that’s especially true for one Australian Cattle Dog, who was absolutely pumped when he found out where his owners were taking him on their car trip. Hint: it's rhymes with frandma and frandpa's house.

The video was shared by @sky.q, who just happened to capture her dog Nosh at the exact moment she told him the good news. “After 20 hours in the car, we finally told him where we are going,” she wrote in the video’s text. “Do you want to see Savta and Boppa?” she asks in the video, using the Hebrew word for grandmother and a family nickname for grandfather. And those were the magic words. His reaction is pretty much priceless, and we don’t think it’s unfair to say that we’re just a little bit jealous of the pup’s “grandpawrents” right now. 

“He's like, ‘wait are you guys serious???’” wrote one commenter, @emeraldllamamaddy. “He was telling you to run that red light,” joked @boybussy. “I see why you waited until the 20th hour to relay this information,” added @Kankaliciouss.

While another commenter, @meggylizajane wrote, “Please tell me y’all were close when you told him.” To which, @sky.q explained that they were only 5 minutes away — which was good news for Nosh, who looked like he was about to burst out of the car. 

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In a follow-up video, @sky.q shared another clip of Nosh’s special bond with her parents. The footage shows her pup dutifully waiting for her Savta to return from a trip outside the house. 

Aww! When Savta finally arrives home, poor Nosh immediately starts crying. “He is so happy to see them!” @sky.q wrote in the video’s caption.

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