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Dog's Reaction to 'Human-to-Dog Translator' App Has People in Disbelief

Well? Apparently, some of us have been living under a rock, because there's such a thing as a "human-to-dog translator" app, and a new TikTok video shared by @patrickbarnes has the Internet wondering if it actually works. In the clip, he talks into the app to see if there's any reaction from his little dog, Quincy, which appears to be a Bichon Frise.

Spoiler alert: He did get a pretty intense reaction out of the dog, especially based on what was said into the app. The video is going viral with over 7.4 million views, and it was just posted yesterday, so expect that number to climb. 

Whoa. Does that thing actually work? That little dog was NOT happy, and according to the video creator, he hates the vet, which he let everyone know in the comments. Soooo, again, does that thing actually work? One commenter, @Lisa Hyden-Andrews said, "That's a big NOOOOOOO from Quincy!😂." And @Yennyfurr added, "Quincy said, quit playing! 😂" 

Several commenters asked for the name of the app because they want to try it out with their own dogs. And others weren't even paying attention to Quincy and were instead focused on the guy in the background. @Social Buzz asked, "Dude in the back getting ready for a vampire bar mitzvah or something? 😂"

The jury's still out on whether human-to-dog translators actually work. But in terms of Quincy's reaction? It's more likely that he was snapping back at the sound of the dog barking, not what the dog was... saying.

Check out this video, where Patrick took the "Bark at Your Dog" TikTok challenge.

It doesn't matter what you say into a translator app. Quincy simply isn't having it.