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Dog's Powerful Reaction to His Dad Singing Him a Love Song Comes With a Catch

Some people believe that dogs can just sense their owner’s emotions. When you’re happy, your dog knows it. And when you’re sad, there’s never been a buddy better than your pooch. But people were in tears after watching a video of one man on TikTok, who serenaded his dog with a sad song. The look on his dog’s face makes it clear that he felt every word.

Austin Snell (@austinsnellmusic), a singer/songwriter from Dublin, Georgia, often shares snippets of songs he’s working on his TikTok page. But it was a recent video starring his number one fan that really has people gripped. “Singing songs to my dog,” Snell says in the video before busting out one heck of a cover of Whitney Houston’s "I Have Nothing." If you want to know if Snell’s dog liked the song, all you need to do is take a look at his reaction.

We don't care what anyone says. That dog was so connected to the music. People in the comments section were smitten with this canine music lover. “I need to find me someone who looks at me like your dog looks at you ♥️🥰,” @donutshopkid joked. “The eye contact from this dog is soul piercing 😳😂🥰,” @midnight_city commented. “He can feel it ❤️,” @k.rae23 chimed in.

Towards the end of the video, Snell made a stunning confession. “He’s deaf. He didn’t hear any of that, but it’s the thought that counts,” he joked.

Okay, so maybe his dog isn’t a music lover — but as many commenters wrote in, he definitely didn’t need to hear his dad’s song to know that the song was really good. Or as @brightlightbecky70 put it: "He may be deaf, but he felt every word and could feel your love."