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Golden Retriever’s Reaction to Seeing Mom Out of Her Wheelchair Is Too Sweet

Dogs know everything about us. They’re much more observant than you might think. They know our look, smell, and routine. No new outfit or hairstyle will throw them off. They even know when we aren’t feeling well or if we’re sad. Is there anything we can do that would throw off our dogs? TikTok user @amypurdygirl has that answer. 

About 22 years ago, Amy contracted bacterial meningitis, leading to her losing both of her legs below the knees. She’s since relearned to snowboard and is a Paralympian, and now she shares her story around the world. But for the past 2 years, she was in a wheelchair and her Golden Retriever never saw her stand. In a clip that has nearly 3 million views, Amy is finally standing and walks toward her pup. So much for thinking there was nothing we could do that would confuse our dogs because this one couldn't believe his eyes!  

Aww! He was so confused, but he also knew deep down that it was still his loving mom. It’s just like how humans are speechless, but instead of speaking, he was motionless because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing! 

He kept looking back at his dad for confirmation that mom was actually standing. So cute! “He’s looking back like.. you seeing this? 😳,” commented @Medusa Jojo. He was making sure you were filming so he could go back and watch! “Doggy: ‘Y’all got some explaining to do,’” added @Ruth Sims. No explanation needed; go enjoy some playtime together! 

@Kat Gallo152 brought up a great point. She wrote, “Okay but no one is talking about how he was gentle and didn’t jump on her.” So gentle. But that could also be because he’s still in shock. “I love how he doesn’t jump on you but jumps on the cameraman like he knows to be careful,” said @Mad-dawg. He wanted to celebrate her walking but he didn’t want to hurt her. What a loving, wonderful pup he is.