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Dog's Reaction to Learning Mom and Dad Are Going on Vacation Deserves an Oscar

It’s always so hard to say goodbye to your pets before leaving the house for the day, but you know what’s harder? Trying to leave to take a darn trip. Saying your goodbyes is always so dramatic. Just ask TikTok user @marvs_moments, who showed off her very concerned doggie after he’d been told that his humans’ vacation was going to be pup-free.

As seen all over his TikTok page, Marv is one expressive pupper. The half Weimaraner-half Vizsla is very playful, and you can always tell what he’s thinking by the look on his face. But the good times seemed to pause during a one-on-one with his mama on April 25. “We’re going to have to have a serious conversation in a few days because Mom and Dad are going on a trip,” Marv’s mama can be heard saying off-camera. “And you’re going to stay home here,” she added, seeming to switch to a whisper.” Well, that certainly caught Marv’s attention, and the look on his face is worth seeing for yourself. 

Over 230,000 have watched Marv’s video, and people in the comments section were pretty much ready to nominate him for an Oscar after his "performance." “OMG ... and the Oscar goes to ... 😂🥰,” joked @karuna.mayi. "’Are you serious’ 😳 Oh poor thing, so cute 😍,” gushed @coneia. “Not the dreaded words ‘stay home,’” mused @fenntheweizsla. 

But we wouldn’t be too worried about Marv. According to the video’s onscreen text, during his parents’ trip, he’s going to get a visit from his BFF. Did somebody say house party? “Poor Marv,” his Mom wrote in the caption. Eh, we kinda think he'll be a-okay.