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Dog's Disgusted Reaction to Trying Peas for the First Time Is Totally Classic

Normally, human kids are the ones refusing to eat their veggies. To be fair, they're a bit harder to dress up than other ingredients, but they're not that bad... right?

Kids might disagree, and this Pit Bull is even less of a fan of the green stuff. When Apollo's mama handed him a single pea to try straight out of her hand, pure chaos ensued. Naturally, TikTok can't get enough--and neither can we! Apollo's reaction is absolutely golden, so props to his mama for capturing and sharing the moment on his account, @apollothebully_. He certainly feels some type of way about this veggie!

We get it, Apollo!! We'd also much rather be munching on a burger, but your mama is on the right track feeding her family healthy! 

This pup does not seem convinced, though. We loved the most-liked comment of the video that belongs to @miriam5900: "I think you offended him 😅." LOL! Maybe just a little...

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"He said how dare you 🤣," @elysetorres wrote, and that seems more like it! We also got a chuckle out of @jbabyred92's play-by-play commentary: He said ok imma try it .. hell nah .. ok maybe ... hell nah... damn ok I'm ready... it's a no for me. No. Hell no." Were you in Apollo's mind in this moment? 

His hops, boops, and head tosses are just too cute, it's hard to take him seriously! We're dying over what @valerie123eee said-- how "his reaction just kept going and going like the peas were talking smack." Haha! They may as well have been. Apollo's reaction would've been the same! 

@Sleep.l0rd described the pup's response perfectly in the comments: "fight ✅ flight ❌." He really was ready to throw down! Luckily, it was just a pea, and no veggies were harmed in the making of this video (JK, we can't promise that). 

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