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Dog Gets His First Whiff of Vinegar and His Reaction Is Priceless

It's no big secret that dogs love to sniff anything and everything in sight, and given just how many smells they come into contact with, it's not too often that anything really turns them off. However, one poor pup got the unwelcome surprise of his life when his dad let him smell a bottle of vinegar for the first time.

The video of the pup sniffing the vinegar was shared on TikTok by @miloandmis, and it's cracking people up so much that it already has 2 million views. It's only a few seconds long, but it's funny as heck, and the dog's reaction to the vinegar is so totally on point.

His face! Absolutely priceless, right? It's obvious that when he sniffed that bottle, the stench of vinegar was the last thing he expected. People are having a field day with this one and can't resist leaving comments. @Willyboy joked, "Bro was like, "The hell is that?!" And @Gavin added, "Bro was absolutely hoodwinked and hornswoggled." Ha! He certainly was.

Another commenter, @Brendan Karolchyk thinks the poor pup will likely be scarred for life, saying, "Dude learned betrayal that day." Other TikTok users pointed out how he even seemed to twitch after he got that disgusted look on his face. 

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Something tells us that from here on out, this pup will think twice about sniffing whatever his dad happens to be offering. Sure, it doesn't get much worse than vinegar, but it's not worth the risk to tempt fate!

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