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Video of Golden Retriever's Doggie Kindergarten Outfit Is Stealing Hearts

Back-to-school shopping used to be one of our favorite things about the summer. As much as we didn't want to go back to school, it definitely was easier when we could rock a cool new outfit. Or sport a fancy new backpack with all the bells and whistles. You couldn't wait to show off what you got with your friends. It was the one time we weren't too cool for school! 

Believe it or not, doggos want to put their best paw forward on their first day of school too. That's why TikTok user @mavtheegolden was dressed to the nines for his first day of puppy kindergarten. His mom packed his backpack, put on his harness and topped it off with an outfit that screams fashionista. After getting out your 'Awws' from this clip, you'll be immediately purchasing everything he's wearing for your dog because it's just too adorable not to!

AW!! We can't handle how cute Maverick looks! Call the fashion police and issue this doggo a ticket for being way too adorable! Not only does he have the coolest hat to wear, but he also has an awesome backpack filled with his summer school activity. LOL! @ryelizzy pointed out, "All the essentials 😌." What more could he need for his first day?! He did all of his homework and he's bringing it back like a good student!

TikTok users are absolutely loving this fashion-forward outfit. @CarinaYLosDinos said, "The whole fit is everything!!!!" He's about to be on the cover of Vogue with style like that! A fashion icon in the making. "Not me screaming, 'He has a hat,'" added @alextra_1. The hat is a great final detail that really pulls the outfit all together! 

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The look back he gives sealed the deal and we're officially in love with this pup! @elbee421 commented, "I cannot physically handle the cuteness of this video 😩." We seriously weren't ready for all the adorableness. We hope Maverick had the best first day ever, which we're sure he did with this outfit!

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