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Dog's Priceless Reaction to Realizing It's Raining Outside Is Going Viral

When your dog has to go — they have to go. So no wonder so many people were cracking up over video of one unlucky dog, who definitely didn't realize it was raining before she ran out to the backyard. The look on the Jindo's face is everything when she realizes her mistake. Whoops!

SunMi is the most curious little puppy. But her need to wander got her in deep trouble in a video on her owner's TikTok page @jindojourney. The video shows SunMi running outside, possibly in need of a bathroom break, when all of the sudden she came to the realization that something was amiss. Yikes!

"The face of instant regret," the video's caption reads.

Over 4 million people have since watched SunMi's little whoopsie, but don't worry, they don't judge her too much. "You can see her cursing you out in every language you know," @christinag621 joked. "She really said, 'o hell nah why did you allow this to happen to me?'" @suna_the_silken teased. "How am I supposed to live, laugh and love in these conditions?!" @featherlouise kidded. "I think I've had this exact reaction to going outside and finding it's raining," @trashpandapandamonium chimed in.

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Elsewhere on her page, SunMi did redeem herself. The pup showed off her skills in a Barn Hunting class in a video on her page. She's just so smart!

Don't worry SunMi, we all make mistake sometimes. And at the very least, one commenter illustrated the real upside to this story. "Thank you it was a bad day and that gave me the laugh I needed!" @ms.0321 wrote.

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