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Dog's Hilarious Way of Rearranging the Couch So It's Just Right Makes Us LOL

We love dogs for how they're not picky. They'll lay down almost anywhere in the house and snooze the day away. Even if you bought them a bed, for some reason they'd rather sleep on the hard floors. But sometimes, there are those dogs that expect the best of the best. They're very particular. And they're not afraid to say they don't like something. 

One of those fancy dogs is an Irish Setter, known on TikTok as @guinness_theirishsetter. Guinness likes to lay on the couch, but in this video, the way the couch is set up is not to his standards. There are pillows everywhere. And apparently, they're not good enough for him. Watch what he does to rearrange the couch to his liking. It's hilarious! 

LMAO! Is he serious?! He knocked all those pillows right off so he could get comfortable. Looks like he had some serious issues with the way his mom decorated the house and he wasn't afraid to share his thoughts. In reality, he should be thanking his mom for being allowed on the couch in the first place. HA! 

"We know who runs the house 😂," said @MamaBear. It's his house, they're all just living in it! That's why he has no problem kicking those pillows off. "Wrong pillows mom get the hint lmao!!!" commented @simbakingofcats. Duh, these pillows are so last season. LOL! @terry_1984 added, "I told you not to put these on the couch." Will this mom ever learn?! 

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TikTok user @Kacey Smith wrote the most relatable thing. The comment reads, "Same way my husband acts about throw pillows." This video is what husbands do every night when they have to move 20 pillows to get into bed. LOL! At least Guinness is adorable and we don't mind him getting mad at the pillows! 

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