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Dog's Reaction to Woman Who Reminds Him of His Former Owner Is Pretty Incredible

When dogs love someone, they love them so deep. That's why we're pretty much weeping after learning the reason why a dog had a strong reaction to the sight of a woman's luggage. Grab some tissues and take a look!

It all started when @thebrainandbody was traveling and ran into the pup at her hotel's lobby. The TikToker, who goes by Katiebugg online, is currently serving in the military. So imagine how confused she was when the unnamed pup came over and started getting emotional just by looking at her stuff. "This pup in the hotel kept whimpering at my bag and boots," she wrote in the video's text overlay. "Then I was told his previous owner served! Dogs know more than we think," she added. The dog looks like he expects his previous owner to walk through the dog any minute. It's undeniably sweet. 

The comments section was in tears after watching Katiebugg's footage. "I think that dog loves you now," @poppykinggaming gushed. "He thought his best friend was home again...." @pkbelialinfintari wrote. "Man I love opening this app and just start crying," @entitledcow joked. "Dog: 'my parents have those things! I haven't seen them in a while. Can you tell them I said him'" @nottellingyou5 quipped. 

And other people had something similar happen to them too. "Ours know every time we put on the uniform and they see us packing bags," @amyt986 shared. "As soon as my fiancé pulls out any of his duffles and uniforms, our dog cries," @msample22 admitted. "My neighbor is an ex-marine, and when I left in uniform his dog scratched at the door to lay his head on my boots for a few minutes then gave kisses," @militaryautobot.

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And this is exactly why they say dog is man's best friend. 

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