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Dog Blatantly Refuses to Get Out of the Pool in Video That Has Us Cracking Up

Now that summer’s here, we’ll pretty much be hanging poolside every weekend. And apparently, we aren’t the only ones looking forward to spending time outside. A Golden Retriever on TikTok was clearly not willing to leave the water, even after his owner pointed out that he was definitely not supposed to be swimming without permission. Whoops! Sorry not sorry.

Duke was caught red-handed by his mom Kimberly Clark (@kimberlyclark78) on TikTok. The footage shows Duke floating around in the water when Clark finally walked over. “Are you supposed to be in the pool Duke?” she can be heard asking behind the camera. “Did mommy say you could go in the pool?” she continued. Clark then tries to tell Duke that it’s time to get out of the water — but he had a different opinion. At one point, Duke started straight-up ignoring his mama, and TBH, we sort of don’t blame him. Watch how he floats away while his owner tries to tell him what to do. Too funny!

People in the comments section were in hysterics. "He pushed back and floated away. Too much!!" @keldog1970 commented. "The way he backs up and swims away is so human like," @aphroditemajesty joked. "I don't think he cares too much want mommy has to say!!" @mamabear_87 teased. "Rumor has it, he’s still in the pool," @mjtumlison quipped. 

Unfortunately for Clark, she might have a bit of a problem with her pup this summer. It doesn't seem like Duke's ever going to get out of that pool. Just take a look at a second video on Clark's page, which again shows Duke swimming. 

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Duke's just out there living his best life. And we're here for it.

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