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Dog Suddenly Refuses to Leave Toddler's Side at Night and Mom Is Totally Creeped Out

When it comes to the paranormal, they say that kids and animals can see things that most adults can't. Now, we've never been one for conspiracy theories, but even we have to admit a recent trending video on TikTok has us second guessing ourselves. The footage, later shared by creator @gandaspace, shows one pup acting totally differently than she normally does. And his owner is wondering if there might be more to the bizarre incident than there seems.

According to the footage, @gandaspace's Cavapoo pretty much always sleeps with her. So when the pup wouldn't leave her son's bed one night, she got really nervous. "Our dog REFUSED to leave his side all night," she wrote in the video's text overlay. Nothing could get her pup to move — not even the promise of a walk. "You're freaking me out," she told her pup. She even cut to a second clip of her dog the night before. "She was trying to alert us to something," the video's text overlay reads. 

Later in the video, the mom revealed that their house had been experiencing "paranormal activity," which begs us to wonder if her dog's behavior were all signs that something was there. 

People in the comments section were spooked. "Our fur babies know what's up," @cecegalindo690 explained. "The dog sees something and growled which mean there could be something evil in his room," @devonbachmann agreed. "Dogs know. My dog would growl all night in the hall. Had someone come check my house for spirits and he walked in and immediately stopped where my dog," @ayyyitsbre shared. 

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We don't know for sure if there was a spirit in the boy's room, but thank goodness the dog was there to let his mama know that something was amiss. 

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