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Dog Who Survived Fire Pays Special Homage to Rescuers Every Time He Hears a Siren

A dog narrowly escaped a home fire when he was only 9 weeks old. This poor pup was in his crate when an electrical fire broke out in his owners' fixer-up house. Thankfully, the firefighters were quick to respond and were able to get him out of harm's way. That kind of traumatic experience lives with you forever. But instead of being scared of the fire truck sound, this dog knows the sound symbolizes that help is on the way.

TikTok user @hollybmurphy shared a video the pup, and how he never forgets the ones who saved him. Ever since the fire, every time he hears the fire truck alarm going off, he gives a special tribute to them. A thank you, if you will. And his special gesture to the firefighters will leave you in tears. 

This is so sweet that we can't stop crying! Who thought it was a good idea to share this and have us balling our eyes out on a Wednesday morning?! At least we know based on the TikTok comments, that we are not the only ones! "I'm literally sobbing 😭 he deserves so much love!" commented @Erika Edwards. "Crying just a lil ✨," added @Heather Schmitt. Just a lil?! We're SOBBING. 

"He is just saying thanks for saving me ❤️😭," said @Jess Davidson. Aww, he really is! No matter how many years have passed since the rescue, he still remembers what the firefighters did for him. And based on his howls, it sounds like he'll be forever grateful. "He’s sending 💜 & good vibes to whomever the truck is going to. How beautiful. Give him some extra hugs 💜🤗," said @gingersweet7189. We love that he knows what that sound means and that those firefighters are heroes. 

@Krystyna M-A asked, "Does your local fire department know they have the sweetest and most grateful mascot/cheerleader?" If they don't, she needs to tell them ASAP. Maybe a quick trip to the station will be an energy booster for both him and the firefighters!